CARENOW APP is a part of Dental Clinic Ecosystem!
CARENOW is a free app that connects you to the best health and beauty care units: dentists and spas right there in your area.

With CARENOW, you do not have to spend time searching for good dentistry / spa, just where you stop, CARENOW will automatically suggest you the best base in your database.

At CARENOW application, you can:
– Exchange and get advice from a team of Dental / Spa experts when you need it
– Capture the fastest information about the best dental / Spa programs and incentive policies
– Schedule a consultation, a direct appointment at Dental / Spa
– View your dental record or skin care routine
– Receive a notice of recurring appointment reminders (if any)
– Chat, interact, evaluate doctors, reflect the quality of service
CARENOW will definitely bring you a whole new experience about health care – beauty. Need assistance or questions please call 0965355588. Thank you!

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